Finding the right partner using kundali milan

The Hindu scriptures have always termed marriage as a holy bond between two individuals who are bent on being each other’s for a lifetime and beyond. Kundali Milan or horoscope matching plays a crucial role in determining the long-lasting relationship that a bride and to be groom shall share in their marital life. Marriage is one of the most invaluable junctures in one’s existence. Everyone wants to opt for a comfortable spouse so that the marriage is a smooth sailing one full of understanding. Marriage followed by the family is where a person goes in search of his happiness. The kundali Milan not only plays a crucial role in determining compatibility but also nullifies the effect of any dosh via various remedies to help people move towards a life without complications.

Finding the right partner :

Since the onset of Vedic astrology, the ritual of Kundli Milan has played a major role in all Hindu marriages and is very eminent. The sacred bond of marriage needs to testify against a lot of hardships. Matching the kundali and verifying the compatibility between two individuals gives some sort of relief and assurance that no matter how big the storm is, the marriage shall always stand the test of time and other hardships. There are various names for Kundli Milan such as Guna Milan, horoscopes matching, and so on. Other variants are checked alongside Kundli Milan during marriage like the manglik dosha and strength of navamsa chart.

Kundali Milan or Guna Milan :

In India, under the Hindu culture, Janam kundali also called the natal or birth chart is considered for the process of Kundli Milan. The kundalini or Guna Milan is based on the position of the moon in the natal charts of both the bride and groom. There is a common process of Kundli Milan known as ‘Asthkoot Milan’ which signifies the eight aspects of Guna, which are stated as follows:

  •   Varna/varan/jaati: This is depictive of the egoistic characteristics of both the male and female who are supposed to get entangled in the sacred ceremony of marriage. It also showcases spiritual compatibility. They are categorized into four categories namely Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra.
  • Vasya/Vashya: it showcases the mutual wellbeing in marriages. It also calculates and determines the potential power equation among the potential couple. A person is characterized into 5 groups which are further classified into 5 types, namely Manav/Nara, Vanchar, Chatushpad, Jalchar, Keeta/Keet.
  • Tara/Dina: It’s based on birth stars. In total there are 27 birth stars(nakshatras).
  • Yoni: It measures the sexual compatibility, intimacy, and mutual love between a couple. Yoni Koot is classified via 14 animals.
  • Graha Maitri/Rasyadipati:  It is a portrayal of mental compatibility, admiration, and natural partnership between couples.
  • Gana: It is related to the behavior and temperament of individuals who are meant to be in a marriage.
  • Rashi or Bhakoot: It is related to the love and emotional compatibility of two partners.
  • Nadi: It is related to health and genes and well being.
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