In-depth analysis of the Ifs and Buts surrounding the NJSurcharge

What happens if you decide not to pay the NEW JERSEY SURCHARGE?

Though it’s advisable that you never do that, here is everything you should know as to what could go wrong, provided that you skip the Njsurcharge.

  • The moment you decide to skip paying your Njsurcharge through NJSurcharge Payment Portal, you shall have your license suspended. You will be handed over a suspension order immediately. If even then you decide to continue to drive with the canceled license then you shall have to pay additional surcharges. This is to be kept in mind that, the additional charges shall end up being costly.
  • If the amount remains unpaid or unattended even after receiving the suspension order, then there shall be an intervention by the Department of Motor Vehicles who shall reach out to the superior courts and shall file out an order called the ‘Certificate of Debt.’. this certificate is known by the name of ‘Judgment.’
  • Once the case is filed and the department gets hold of the judgment, the state involves authorities to collect the amount owned even without your consent. This judgment gives an immense amount of power to the state in terms of recovering their fine. The judgment prevents you from transferring or even selling away your personal property. This is done so that the state can use them to recover their dues.
  • This turns uglier as the state will now have the right to opt for wage garnishment when you’re an employer under the state. You shall be asked to withhold either a part of your entire wage that you are meant to receive for your work or transfer the same to the state, as you will.
  • The state doesn’t just recover the fine that was initially placed upon you. The state alongside the due amount also recovers the recovery cost and the interest that was applied to the due amount. This right is given to the state as soon as the Judgment or the Certificate of Debt is granted to them.
  • Finally, after the state is done taking away its share of debt that was initially meant to be paid by the law, all of these shall be reported to the credit bureaus. It shall be well documented and that will eventually impact your overall credit rating. In the end, the whole ordeal is a big blow to your credit trustworthiness.


What happens if you move out of New Jersey?

Though there have been many sides to this debate, this formula isn’t going to help you either! You may decide to smartly and swiftly move out of New Jersey and settle somewhere else. But then, as they say, it still would not be a great move. The next logical thing you would want to do after moving out of New Jersey is to surrender your New Jersey driving license and in exchange get a driving license for the new state of residence. But the tragic tale doesn’t end here. The failure to pay NJ Surcharge will mean that your license will be suspended. And not just that, but also this will be reported to the National Driver Registry.

Once the records are on the National Driver Registry, the cycle shall be continued and the same shall be reviewed in your new state before granting you a driving license. The moment it’s brought to the state’s notice that your license was suspended in the state of New Jersey for not being able to pay the surcharge, you will under no circumstances receive the driving license.

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