Organic bamboo diapers: a guide for the rash prevention

Parenthood gives a chance to the new parents for innumerable options to cradle one’s baby with. The task of raising a baby is never easy but with the right choice, you can not only save your baby from life-threatening toxins but also preserve a prosperous and happier future for them. With many advancements made in the field of baby care, one of the most recent ones that have been applauded globally by parents and researchers alike are bamboo diapers.

These bamboo diapers are disposable, hassle-free, rash-free, eco-friendly as well as a big force in minimizing the carbon footprint. Though not much is talked about generic disposable diapers, these diapers have been reported to deliver some horrifying toxic chemicals to the infant’s most sensitive areas without the knowledge of most guardians. Listed below are some of the reasons why bamboo diapers are the ultimate catch for both the parents and their toddlers:

  • Infections and itching are among one the most common complaints that parents have with regards to generic diapers. The bamboo diapers are known to absorb a better amount of liquid and other baby dumps more effectively than their cotton counterparts. These bamboo diapers in their absorbency range from around 40% to 70% more than the cotton ones. The higher rate of absorbency keeps the baby drier for a longer period ensuring that there are minimal chances of rashes or the sagging of the diaper or the need to keep changing the diaper within very small intervals of time.
  • These disposable diapers are made up of a combination of harmful carcinogens like polymers, plastics, perfumes, dyes, chlorine, dioxins, and a plethora of other harmful synthetic intrusions. These toxins together reportedly not only might irritate the delicate skin of babies and make them cranky and uncomfortable but in the long run, can also be the cause of some fatal medical ailments like cancer and so on.
  • Organic bamboo diapers on the other hand as compared to the generic diapers available are fully made of pure natural plant fibres. Made from organic bamboo pulp, they provide a cushiony softness to your baby’s bottoms, knickers and thighs while keeping them dry and rash-free.
  • The night and day cycle requires a different type of maintenance of the liquid and other wastes that the baby excretes out. The perfect diaper must be chosen with regards to the time of the day. The difference between night-time and day-time diapers depends primarily on absorbency. During the daytime, disposable baby diapers can be less absorbent as compared to night ones. To help yourself and your toddler to steal some extra hours of sleep, nighttime diapers are designed much bulkier and more absorbent. Also, though huge amounts of baby fluids are absorbed during the night, they ensure that the baby stays dry, keeping away unwanted and painful rashes.
  • A revolutionary differentiator when it comes to the use of organic bamboo diapers as compared to generic disposable diapers is the impact they hold upon the environment. Their respective relationships with the environment are also to be analyzed. The bamboo diapers are known to be end-to-end biodegradable and they decompose under the action of microorganisms in the air, water or soil within just 72 days from the disposal. They help decrease the carbon footprint massively and are known to have the power to protect a lot of the unnecessary exploitation of the environment.
  • The synthetic diapers on the other hand cause absolute havoc to the ecosystem and lie in landfills for over 500 years before they finally begin to decompose. With all these tiny actions you can effortlessly ensure that you are doing your bit in choosing a more sustainable lifestyle and in making the world a better place for your loved one.
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