Multifunctional Furniture Ideas to Transform Your Space

Are you worried about not being free to decorate your home the way you want because of limited space? You will be delighted to know that investing in the right multifunctional furniture pieces only takes a small step to making your home look bigger, brighter and more organized than before. Here are some ideas of such furniture you can consider for your small space,

  • Shelves with a fold-down table

One of the modern multifunctional furniture ideas to add more space to your home is a shelving case with an extendable table. This shelving case can be anything from a bookcase or a normal storage unit with many compartments. One side of the shelf would have a folded table mounted on it. You can pull out the table and use it as your work desk, dining table, or other purposes when needed. Some shelving units also come with a height-adjustable study table, which you can use comfortably and a chair of your choice.

  • Sofa cum Bed Sets

This is one of the most popular multipurpose furniture sets in vogue today. As the name indicates, it is a single furniture piece that serves as a sofa during the day, and as a bed at night. The bed can be retracted back to form a sofa as easily as a blink of an eye. This type of furniture saves a lot of time and comes in handy when extra guests stay at your place. Similarly, you can invest in sleeping chair-cum beds, as they work similarly.

  • Side Tables with Inbuilt Storage Compartments

It is quite surprising why side tables with built-in storage compartments are not as popular as they should be in space-saving furniture. We hope this trend will catch up soon, as these side tables are nothing but a boon for small homes. A side table next to your sofa-cum-bed is not only compact, but it also helps you stay organized. You can keep your phone cables, phones, batteries and other essentials in these compartments, so you don’t have to search for them when needed.

  • Double rods in your bathrooms

This may seem a simple idea, but it can save a lot of space in your bathroom, giving you more room to move about. Your bathroom will be clutter-free when installing a double shower curtain rod. One rod can be used to hang your shower curtain, while the other rod can hang your towels to dry. This way, you don’t have to look for a new space to dry your towels, once you have used them. You can use this second rod to hang clothes or separate your shower liner from your curtain.

  • Optimum use of window sill

Do you have a small living room with only one windowsill? Never mind; you can still make your floor space look big by making this windowsill double up as a breakfast bar as well. All you need to do is to buy a small bench to complete the look of your breakfast bar. The best thing about this investment is that this bench also plays the role of a coffee table in your living room. Your small, stuffy living room now looks spacious with a reasonably-sized breakfast bar, coffee table and sofa!

Not all multifunctional furniture pieces are costly. The key is to have a budget and pick up smart pieces that not only fit within your budget but also transform the look of your small homes.


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