How to Keep Your Vagina Healthy

There are many misconceptions about what a proper care of vagina actually is. While most women are self conscious of their scent and even their size and shape, the truth is that it is normal for a vagina to have its distinctive smell.

Just like with other parts of the body, sizes and shapes vary dramatically from woman to woman. Just because the media tries to persuade us of only one way a vagina is supposed to look like we should know that there is no perfect shape and size from a medical standpoint.

The same is true for the smell. While the media pushes women to scent their nether regions with perfume and aggressive soaps, it’s actually much better to take a more informed approach and let the vagina clean itself like it’s supposed to.

mild soapUsing only mild soaps and water is a perfect combination to clean your vagina. No scented cleaners or other products. Keeping clear on inner regions is important as well. Don’t clean too deep as that will break the pH balance and open doors for various infections.

Wearing breathing underwear that doesn’t pressure and is comfortable to wear all day helps a lot. Wearing tight thongs every day isn’t exactly good for your health. Educate yourself about various underwear and how they affect your skin and comfort level. What might look good doesn’t necessarily feel good as well.

But most importantly, spotting the early signs of infections is vital. Learn the different signs of infections so you will be able to take precautions once the infection happens.

It is a fact that the big majority of women experience more than one vagina infection in their lifetime, probably because of the stressful lifestyle and improper care.

Types of Vaginal Infections

The term vaginitis is used to describe infections or an inflammation in the vagina. Infections in the vagina result from the presence of harmful bacteria, viruses or yeast.

Sometimes, soaps and creams made with chemicals lead to serious infections in the vagina. In some instances, you get types of clothes that lead to infection in the vagina. An infection caused by clothing means that the fabric encountered the vaginal area, there was chafing or something worse leading to inflammation.

Vaginitis can also be caused by exchange of organisms from a sexual partner to another. In essence, vaginitis is caused when foreign matter disturbs the balance in the vagina.

As a rule, the vagina maintains an environment to keep up its functions. The environment consists of a balanced presence of useful bacteria used to fight off infections. The functions of a vagina are also ruled by a woman’s hormonal changes.

vaginal-tight-gelAge can change the condition of the vagina dramatically. With age the vaginal walls become more stiff and less elastic. Natural lubrication tends to cease and many women start using a vagina tight gel or similar products. You have to be very careful you pick the right product for you without any side effects.

For more info on what is the most popular vaginal tight gel you can ask your local pharmacist. Or you cam simply search online, here you can find one of the best ones. V tight gel price and short review with all the info you need.

The vagina keeps up a process of lubrication that leads up to vaginal discharge. This process is a cleansing exercise that removes unwanted particles from the vagina. This is why doctors call a vagina self-cleaning. It keeps up its own level of pH, mostly on the acidic side, because this helps it keep off harmful factors from the vagina.

Vaginitis happens when a woman disturbs the carefully constructed ecosystem in the vagina.

This happens through the presence of antibiotics in a woman’s system. Increased amounts of hormones can lead to infection. Women should be careful with how many contraceptive applications they take. Both oral & topical contraceptives can lead to infection.

Douches reduce the ecosystem of a vagina, leaving it open to infection and harmful bacteria. Sexual transmitted infections are the most common. You can’t control what the other individual has, it is also invisible to you most times. The only defense to take is to have protective sex. Otherwise, the risk of inflammation and infection is high.

When you have a vaginal infection, the following symptoms should have you looking for a doctor’s appointment:

  • Vaginal Discharge, – this means that you’re getting a more than normal discharge. If it is happening excessively, and is unexplainable, then you should consider a vagina infection and make a doctor’s appointment. A normal discharge is clear, with no odor. If you’re experiencing a discharge that has different colors and has a terrible smell, then it is important to visit a doctor.
  • Itching – this is cause for concern especially because it leaves you uncomfortable and in compromising situations.
  • Burning – A painful burning sensation keeps you from sitting or walking comfortably.

Most times women will decide to do self-medication, but it is important to visit a doctor for confirmation. Vaginal infections are serious and can lead to more damage than is necessary.