Mi Ocado – Employee Portal Login at Miocado.net

Mi Ocado is a portal for employees of Ocado. Employees associated with MiOcado can check their payslips, holidays, work schedule, leaves, and more. Using this portal, employees can manage their work at Ocado. 

If you are an employee, you must log in to the MiOcado portal to register your check-in and check-out time. It gets easy with MiOcado to manage the work you do. This guide will tell you about the complete Mi Ocado Sign-In process. 

Steps To Login To Mi Ocado Employee Portal

If you are a Mi Ocado employee, you can easily log in to the MiOcado Portal. This part of the guide will discuss logging in to your employee account at Mi Ocado. 


Before continuing with the steps to log in to MiOcado, let’s discuss the requirements you must meet are:

  • Login credentials (Username and password) for signing into the account
  • Stable internet connection
  • The device with a browser

Sign In to Mi Ocado Portal

Now that you have the above requirements follow the steps given below to login into your account-

  • Head to the Mi Ocado portal by clicking on this link. 
  • You will see various options: Log inFuseAll Stars Recognition PlatformBenefits+Report a hazard, and Payroll Query Form. Here, click on the Log in option. 
  • You will be asked to enter your username and password. Once done, click on Log in button, and you will be successfully logged into your account. 

Troubleshoot Login 

Many times you may face issues with Mi Ocado sign-in process. This may happen for various reasons, such as a corrupted cache, an issue with the browser, problematic internet, etc.

If you are facing issues while logging into the MiOcado Portal, follow the troubleshooting methods given below to fix them-

  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection. You can check your internet speed using Fast.com. Connect to a stable internet if you face a problem while logging into your account.
  • Disconnect from VPN. If you use a VPN while logging into your account, you will be blocked from signing into the portal. You must disconnect from the VPN and then try logging in. This should most probably fix the issue you are facing while logging in. 
  • Clear the cache of the browser. Cached data, when stored for too long, can get corrupted and may cause issues with your browser. You can try clearing your browser’s cache if you face an issue while logging into your account. 
  • Change your browser if clearing the cache doesn’t help. If the portal does not support the browser, you will not be able to login into your account. You should try changing your browser and then log in to your account. 
  • Ensure you have the correct credentials. You may face an error if you try entering the incorrect username and password. Contact the manager to get the correct username and password, then ensure logging in. 
  • Try logging in with another device. If you still face problems while signing in, we recommend using another device to log in to your account. 

Final Words

This guide will help you with logging into your MiOcado account. If you are new to the MiOcado portal, you can follow the steps above to log into your account.

Moreover, we have also discussed the steps to troubleshoot problems you may face while logging into the MiOcado portal.

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Growing Market Demand of UPVC Windows and Doors

The UPVC window and door market have witnessed massive growth over recent years. They have been growing at a faster pace with actual growth rates over the last few years. As per estimation, the market may grow significantly at a CAGR of more than 6% in the coming forecasted time. Like every other business, the Best quality UPVC doors and windows manufacturing units have suffered quite a good amount of losses due to COVID19. But this hasn’t stopped this sector from flourishing. They have maintained a comparatively optimistic growth.

The market was under tremendous pressure from mid-February 2020, as around the world, most of the projects related to the construction of housing and building projects went through some restrictions. Also, the lockdown restrictions have forcefully stopped the manufacturing of UPVC products. This process, in turn, has led to the reduction of purchasing of UPVC products which resulted in a decline in the overall global market.

The popularity behind UPVC products:

UPVC is called rigid PVC. It owes this name to its stiff and inflexible characteristics. Most amenities have a high preference for this material. These properties are attributes of its high resistance to many substances ranging from chemicals to water to corrosive environments to weather. Also, when put forward as framing material, UPVC provides unparalleled quality.

It also has pretty low maintenance and is relatively budget-friendly. It also can be opted in a multitude of colors. Apart from being pretty cost-effective, they are also highly resistant to the surrounding environment. UPVC offers a plethora of benefits. Some of the most common features provided by UPVC material are as follows : 

  • Insulation against rain
  • They are recyclable
  • UV protection
  • Sound insulation.
  • Resistant to saltwater
  • Impact resistance
  • Other commercial applications. 
  • One of the best things about UPVC products is that they are recyclable and environmentally friendly. All of these properties, in turn, make them more suitable for the construction industry. 
  • Another reason that has promoted the growth of UPVC doors and windows is that they are aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting and are resistant to fire, wind, and moisture. Also, the UPVC doors and windows are thermally and acoustically insulated. The doors and windows are customized according to the customer’s needs or as per individual preferences. 
  • It is also to be kept in mind that the material grade exhibits low thermal conductivity. It also helps in preventing the loss of energy by 30-35%. These statistics, in turn, avoid the condensation taking place, which also prevents thermal bridging. As a result, the material grade never flakes, fades, peels off, rusts or corrodes. 

Knowing the market trends :

A complete background analysis of the UPVC doors and windows market is essential for knowing the market details in depth. All of this analysis includes an assessment of the UPVC doors and windows markets across the world. With time this market has emerged as one of the most popular trends worldwide.

The segments and regional markets have witnessed significant changes in market dynamics and market overview. Also, the report features qualitative and quantitative assessments. All of these results are made available by analyzing the data gathered from industry analysts. There’s also active involvement of market participants across key points in the industry’s value chain. The UPVC doors and windows market is segmented and nicely divided by the following means :

  • product type (UPVC doors and UPVC windows)
  • end-user (residential, commercial, industrial, construction, and other end users)
  • distribution channel, which consists of both offline and online stores. 
  • Geography (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and Middle-East and Africa).

Key Market Trends and the reason behind their popularity :

  • Asia-Pacific Region is Anticipated to Grow at a giant Rate. 
  • UPVC doors and windows are beneficial. Also, these doors and windows have some of the best fitting solutions for both the industrial and construction sector.  
  • UPVC doors and windows have some of the best properties. From being long-lasting to being resistant to fire, wind, and moisture, they are also thermally and acoustically insulated. 
  • UPVC doors and windows cannot change shape under normal weather conditions. But as the high temperatures kick in, the UPVC doors and windows can be easily reshaped. Windows and doors made of this material grade of PVC are more energy-efficient when compared to those with wooden or metal frames. 
  • This material grade exhibits incredible resistance to chemical erosion as well. The UPVC doors and windows have smoother inner walls, which help facilitate the water flow. It operates pretty well in a wide range of temperatures and operating pressure. These UPVC products used have good electrical insulation as well as provide better vapour barrier properties.

Competitive Landscape

Various major multinational giants are operating in the UPVC doors and windows market. The boost in this sector of the market is pretty eminent. In terms of market share, a few of the major players currently dominate the global market. But as we progress further through various technological advancements and product innovations, we are making it possible for smaller companies to increase their market presence by safeguarding new contracts and striking new markets.


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OBC Reservation Eligibility – where do you stand under the social ladder when it comes to the non-Creamy Layer?

Do you belong to Other Backward Classes (OBC) and what makes you eligible to achieve OBC reservation?

Non-Creamy Layer candidates from OBC are entitled to reservations throughout their lives for several job opportunities as well as educational entries in institutions. This blog sheds light on the provisions promised by the OBC reservation and how many candidates can benefit from them. Also, it is seen that even after so many years many candidates or at times even some bureaucrats are ignorant or unaware about the privileges that are available to the people with OBC reservations.

If one happens to be a deserving candidate that belongs to the OBC category, under no circumstances should they let go of their benefits. This post sheds light to determine whether one falls under the OBC Creamy Layer or the OBC Non-Creamy Layer.

Thorough detailing with regards to Other Backward Classes (OBC).

The Other Backward Classes (OBC) are socially and educationally backward classes in India. OBCs are kind of distinct when placed in comparison to Scheduled Classes (SC) or Scheduled Tribes (ST). The Central Government of India maintains a list of castes and communities that can be considered under the category of OBC.

A plethora of benefits of being included in the OBC list:

To uplift Other Backward Classes (OBC), both the Central Government and the State Governments have been running a lot of programs and beneficial schemes for quite some time now. Though there are many benefits, some of them are as mentioned below:  

  • There is an availability of a 27% Reservation Quota concerning the seats when it comes to Government Jobs like IAS, IPS etc. There’s also reservation for Government institutes like the IIMs and IITs.
  • We are very aware of the fact that almost every competitive exam comes with an upper age limit. There is relaxation concerning this upper age limit for OBC candidates when it comes to various examinations like UPSC Civil Services Exam.
  • Also in comparison to kids from the general section, there’s a good amount of relaxation concerning the number of attempts for exams.
  • There is also the presence of a much-appreciated relaxation concerning cut-off marks. A pretty lower cut-off mark is usually needed to clear exams efficiently. 

Who all are worthy of accessing the OBC benefits? 

Not everyone under the OBC categories possesses the power of claiming the benefits. Only if one happens to be a part of the Non-Creamy Layer OBC, only shall they then be eligible for the reservations via their respective quotas. These reservations are available in the case of educational institutions and jobs. Sadly, if someone happens to fall under the Creamy Layer of OBC, then benefits shall be scarce to get their hands on through the OBC reservation.

The Origin of Creamy Layer concept concerning OBC

There were recommendations of the Mandal Commission which pushed the Central Government to issue an Office Memorandum. This indeed would reserve 27% posts in central government services. 

The constitutional bench of the apex court upheld the decision to reserve a 27% reservation for OBC’s in Central Government service. But in the verdict that was later placed, it was cleared that the creamy layer among OBC’s should be excluded from the reservation.

How can one find out if they are eligible for getting an OBC Reservation?

The Central Government maintains a list of castes or communities who can avail the facilities and benefits via the OBC status. Check the Central List of OBCs – as per the state one resides in to find out if they’re an active part. If one’s caste or community is mentioned there, then they can apply under the OBC quota – provided that they are again listed below the Non-Creamy Layer criteria.

How to find out if one belongs to the Creamy Layer OBC or Non-Creamy Layer OBC?

The creamy layer is based on the status of one’s parents. It’s granted by the virtue of one’s birth. For the jobs under the Central Government, if an individual applicant’s parents have a history of entering the service as a Class I officer before the recorded age of 40 via direct recruitment, then the applicant is considered to be a part of the creamy layer.

Also, if both the parents of the candidates are in services as class II officers, before the set age of 40 through direct recruitment, then the applicant is considered as a creamy layer.

Who comes under Non-Creamy Layer OBC?

Except for the above-mentioned wards, almost all the other children under the Obd quota get the benefits of the “Non-Creamy Layer” Status. For instance, if the applicant’s parents are not employed by the government, their income should be within the limits by the government boundaries to be treated as Non-Creamy Layer OBC.

Income Limit is essential for determining the Non-Creamy Layer Status of OBCs. The applicant’s parents’ annual revenue should be smaller than Rs. 8 lakhs to authorize as an OBC non-creamy layer candidate.

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“Art has power to speak for itself”- Understanding the creative perspectives of Maestro Ashok Bhowmik

How can a piece of paper speak? It may be the question on many of your mind. The answer is simple. Art is not just the blend of colour and sketches. If you are able to feel a piece of art, you may find the voice of an artist invoked in it. According to Ashok Bhowmik, Art is a medium to express one’s personal feelings or opinions in certain situations. It can hold an ancient or contemporary political statement. 

It can be personal or universal. It can bear a serious statement or can bear a funny message. The most interesting thing about art is that its invoked message or expression can vary from the view of the spectators. In this context, we can quote Roland Barthes’s line “the birth of the reader must be at the cost of the death of the author”. It means that no matter what an artist or an author wants to express; a spectator or a reader will perceive that piece of art or write-up as their convenience. Ashok Bhowmik, being a critical thinker and writer as well as a renowned artist understands the sole purpose of art and its impact on people’s life. Before learning more about his art and paintings, let’s have a look at who Ashok Bhowmik is.

Who is Ashok Bhowmik?

Ashok Bhowmik is a renowned contemporary artist whose artwork is globally renowned for its uniqueness and versatility. Apart from being an extraordinary painter, he is also known for his experimental sculptor. He holds his degree in fine art from the Government College of Art and Craft. His uniqueness and versatility have made their way to national and international exhibitions of art. Some of his famous works are exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions such as Epic on Rock Shelters’ at Cymroza Art Gallery.  Apart from that, his artworks are also exhibited in the Art Gallery of different countries including the USA and Pakistan.

Style of Painting and his view 

Though most of his work is based on Indian Tradition, his style of art is derived from Egyptian and African Social and Political background. The art of Egypt has a strong impact on Ashok Bhowmik paintings. He mostly uses a solid blend of light and dark colour in his paintings. He is an expert at using the lights with the use of his colour.

He is passionate about turning a lifeless object into a living being. His extraordinary sense of appeal appears in his paintings. One can feel the gravity and silence through his colour.

He believes that art is a medium of fine art. It is a visual appeal that helps in communicating through pictures of contemporary life, the use of colour, lines and strokes. It transmits a piece of paper to another dimension. According to Mr Bhowmik, art is a form of conveying the message of the human soul.

Art allows an artist to express their view and opinion through the use of colour. The hallmark of a painting lies in the thoughts and emotions behind artistic creation and expression. No matter which medium an artist chooses to showcase talent, it must have emotional appeal associated with reality.

Mr Ashok Bhowmik mostly captures the way of contemporary life that impressionist artists usually do. However, his way of capturing the moment lies in expressionism rather than impressionism. According to him, impressionism and expressionism are just like two different sails in the same ship. They are closely associated with each other.

However, if you want to feel the true essence of art, you have to live in the emotions and feelings. You have to be practical and sensitive as well as imaginative and open-minded.

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Organic bamboo diapers: a guide for the rash prevention

Parenthood gives a chance to the new parents for innumerable options to cradle one’s baby with. The task of raising a baby is never easy but with the right choice, you can not only save your baby from life-threatening toxins but also preserve a prosperous and happier future for them. With many advancements made in the field of baby care, one of the most recent ones that have been applauded globally by parents and researchers alike are bamboo diapers.

These bamboo diapers are disposable, hassle-free, rash-free, eco-friendly as well as a big force in minimizing the carbon footprint. Though not much is talked about generic disposable diapers, these diapers have been reported to deliver some horrifying toxic chemicals to the infant’s most sensitive areas without the knowledge of most guardians. Listed below are some of the reasons why bamboo diapers are the ultimate catch for both the parents and their toddlers:

  • Infections and itching are among one the most common complaints that parents have with regards to generic diapers. The bamboo diapers are known to absorb a better amount of liquid and other baby dumps more effectively than their cotton counterparts. These bamboo diapers in their absorbency range from around 40% to 70% more than the cotton ones. The higher rate of absorbency keeps the baby drier for a longer period ensuring that there are minimal chances of rashes or the sagging of the diaper or the need to keep changing the diaper within very small intervals of time.
  • These disposable diapers are made up of a combination of harmful carcinogens like polymers, plastics, perfumes, dyes, chlorine, dioxins, and a plethora of other harmful synthetic intrusions. These toxins together reportedly not only might irritate the delicate skin of babies and make them cranky and uncomfortable but in the long run, can also be the cause of some fatal medical ailments like cancer and so on.
  • Organic bamboo diapers on the other hand as compared to the generic diapers available are fully made of pure natural plant fibres. Made from organic bamboo pulp, they provide a cushiony softness to your baby’s bottoms, knickers and thighs while keeping them dry and rash-free.
  • The night and day cycle requires a different type of maintenance of the liquid and other wastes that the baby excretes out. The perfect diaper must be chosen with regards to the time of the day. The difference between night-time and day-time diapers depends primarily on absorbency. During the daytime, disposable baby diapers can be less absorbent as compared to night ones. To help yourself and your toddler to steal some extra hours of sleep, nighttime diapers are designed much bulkier and more absorbent. Also, though huge amounts of baby fluids are absorbed during the night, they ensure that the baby stays dry, keeping away unwanted and painful rashes.
  • A revolutionary differentiator when it comes to the use of organic bamboo diapers as compared to generic disposable diapers is the impact they hold upon the environment. Their respective relationships with the environment are also to be analyzed. The bamboo diapers are known to be end-to-end biodegradable and they decompose under the action of microorganisms in the air, water or soil within just 72 days from the disposal. They help decrease the carbon footprint massively and are known to have the power to protect a lot of the unnecessary exploitation of the environment.
  • The synthetic diapers on the other hand cause absolute havoc to the ecosystem and lie in landfills for over 500 years before they finally begin to decompose. With all these tiny actions you can effortlessly ensure that you are doing your bit in choosing a more sustainable lifestyle and in making the world a better place for your loved one.
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Finding the right partner using kundali milan

The Hindu scriptures have always termed marriage as a holy bond between two individuals who are bent on being each other’s for a lifetime and beyond. Kundali Milan or horoscope matching plays a crucial role in determining the long-lasting relationship that a bride and to be groom shall share in their marital life. Marriage is one of the most invaluable junctures in one’s existence. Everyone wants to opt for a comfortable spouse so that the marriage is a smooth sailing one full of understanding. Marriage followed by the family is where a person goes in search of his happiness. The kundali Milan not only plays a crucial role in determining compatibility but also nullifies the effect of any dosh via various remedies to help people move towards a life without complications.

Finding the right partner :

Since the onset of Vedic astrology, the ritual of Kundli Milan has played a major role in all Hindu marriages and is very eminent. The sacred bond of marriage needs to testify against a lot of hardships. Matching the kundali and verifying the compatibility between two individuals gives some sort of relief and assurance that no matter how big the storm is, the marriage shall always stand the test of time and other hardships. There are various names for Kundli Milan such as Guna Milan, horoscopes matching, and so on. Other variants are checked alongside Kundli Milan during marriage like the manglik dosha and strength of navamsa chart.

Kundali Milan or Guna Milan :

In India, under the Hindu culture, Janam kundali also called the natal or birth chart is considered for the process of Kundli Milan. The kundalini or Guna Milan is based on the position of the moon in the natal charts of both the bride and groom. There is a common process of Kundli Milan known as ‘Asthkoot Milan’ which signifies the eight aspects of Guna, which are stated as follows:

  •   Varna/varan/jaati: This is depictive of the egoistic characteristics of both the male and female who are supposed to get entangled in the sacred ceremony of marriage. It also showcases spiritual compatibility. They are categorized into four categories namely Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra.
  • Vasya/Vashya: it showcases the mutual wellbeing in marriages. It also calculates and determines the potential power equation among the potential couple. A person is characterized into 5 groups which are further classified into 5 types, namely Manav/Nara, Vanchar, Chatushpad, Jalchar, Keeta/Keet.
  • Tara/Dina: It’s based on birth stars. In total there are 27 birth stars(nakshatras).
  • Yoni: It measures the sexual compatibility, intimacy, and mutual love between a couple. Yoni Koot is classified via 14 animals.
  • Graha Maitri/Rasyadipati:  It is a portrayal of mental compatibility, admiration, and natural partnership between couples.
  • Gana: It is related to the behavior and temperament of individuals who are meant to be in a marriage.
  • Rashi or Bhakoot: It is related to the love and emotional compatibility of two partners.
  • Nadi: It is related to health and genes and well being.
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In-depth analysis of the Ifs and Buts surrounding the NJSurcharge

What happens if you decide not to pay the NEW JERSEY SURCHARGE?

Though it’s advisable that you never do that, here is everything you should know as to what could go wrong, provided that you skip the Njsurcharge.

  • The moment you decide to skip paying your Njsurcharge through NJSurcharge Payment Portal, you shall have your license suspended. You will be handed over a suspension order immediately. If even then you decide to continue to drive with the canceled license then you shall have to pay additional surcharges. This is to be kept in mind that, the additional charges shall end up being costly.
  • If the amount remains unpaid or unattended even after receiving the suspension order, then there shall be an intervention by the Department of Motor Vehicles who shall reach out to the superior courts and shall file out an order called the ‘Certificate of Debt.’. this certificate is known by the name of ‘Judgment.’
  • Once the case is filed and the department gets hold of the judgment, the state involves authorities to collect the amount owned even without your consent. This judgment gives an immense amount of power to the state in terms of recovering their fine. The judgment prevents you from transferring or even selling away your personal property. This is done so that the state can use them to recover their dues.
  • This turns uglier as the state will now have the right to opt for wage garnishment when you’re an employer under the state. You shall be asked to withhold either a part of your entire wage that you are meant to receive for your work or transfer the same to the state, as you will.
  • The state doesn’t just recover the fine that was initially placed upon you. The state alongside the due amount also recovers the recovery cost and the interest that was applied to the due amount. This right is given to the state as soon as the Judgment or the Certificate of Debt is granted to them.
  • Finally, after the state is done taking away its share of debt that was initially meant to be paid by the law, all of these shall be reported to the credit bureaus. It shall be well documented and that will eventually impact your overall credit rating. In the end, the whole ordeal is a big blow to your credit trustworthiness.

Reference: https://njmcdirect.store/njsurcharge/

What happens if you move out of New Jersey?

Though there have been many sides to this debate, this formula isn’t going to help you either! You may decide to smartly and swiftly move out of New Jersey and settle somewhere else. But then, as they say, it still would not be a great move. The next logical thing you would want to do after moving out of New Jersey is to surrender your New Jersey driving license and in exchange get a driving license for the new state of residence. But the tragic tale doesn’t end here. The failure to pay NJ Surcharge will mean that your license will be suspended. And not just that, but also this will be reported to the National Driver Registry.

Once the records are on the National Driver Registry, the cycle shall be continued and the same shall be reviewed in your new state before granting you a driving license. The moment it’s brought to the state’s notice that your license was suspended in the state of New Jersey for not being able to pay the surcharge, you will under no circumstances receive the driving license.

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