“Art has power to speak for itself”- Understanding the creative perspectives of Maestro Ashok Bhowmik

How can a piece of paper speak? It may be the question on many of your minds. The answer is simple. Art is not just a blend of color and sketches. If you can feel a piece of art, you may find an artist’s voice invoked in it. According to Ashok Bhowmik, Art is a medium to express personal feelings or opinions in certain situations. It can hold an ancient or contemporary political statement. 

It can be personal or universal. It can bear a serious statement or can bear a funny message. The most interesting thing about art is that its invoked message or expression can vary from the view of the spectators. In this context, we can quote Roland Barthes’s line, “the birth of the reader must be at the cost of the author’s death.”

It means that no matter what an artist or an author wants to express, a spectator or a reader will perceive that piece of art or write-up as their convenience. Ashok Bhowmik, being a critical thinker and writer as well as a renowned artist, understands art’s sole purpose and its impact on people’s lives. Before learning more about his art and paintings, let’s look at who Ashok Bhowmik is.

Who is Ashok Bhowmik?

Ashok Bhowmik is a renowned contemporary artist whose artwork is globally renowned for its uniqueness and versatility. Apart from being an extraordinary painter, he is also known for his experimental sculpture.

He holds his degree in fine art from the Government College of Art and Craft. His uniqueness and versatility have made it to national and international art exhibitions.

Some of his famous works are exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions, such as Epic on Rock Shelters at Cymroza Art Gallery.  His artworks are also exhibited in the Art Gallery of different countries, including the USA and Pakistan.

Style of Painting and his view 

Though most of his work is based on Indian Tradition, his art style is derived from Egyptian and African Social and Political backgrounds. The art of Egypt has a strong impact on Ashok Bhowmik’s paintings. His paintings mostly use a solid blend of light and dark colors. He is an expert at using lights with his color.

He is passionate about turning a lifeless object into a living being. His extraordinary sense of appeal appears in his paintings. One can feel the gravity and silence through his color.

He believes that art is a medium of fine art. It is a visual appeal that helps in communicating through pictures of contemporary life, the use of color, lines and strokes. It transmits a piece of paper to another dimension. According to Mr. Bhowmik, art is a form of conveying the message of the human soul.

Art allows an artist to express their view and opinion through color. The hallmark of a painting lies in the thoughts and emotions behind artistic creation and expression. No matter which medium an artist chooses to showcase talent, it must have emotional appeal associated with reality.

Mr. Ashok Bhowmik mostly captures the way of contemporary life that impressionist artists usually do. However, his way of capturing the moment lies in expressionism rather than impressionism. According to him, impressionism and expressionism are like two different sails on the same ship. They are closely associated with each other.

However, if you want to feel the true essence of art, you have to live in the emotions and feelings. You have to be practical and sensitive as well as imaginative and open-minded.

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